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Seychelles is one of the most popular holiday destinations across the world. Interestingly, unique environment of Seychelles is sustaining a very exceptional biodiversity. Various reasons makes the biodiversity of Seychelles exceptional. For instance, Seychelles features oldest oceanic islands. However, it always remains under some kind of pressure, such as climate change, insensitive development, resources getting exploited etc.

In order to restore this beautiful place, various conservation programs are being implemented. Successful conservation program led to the removal of Seychelles Magpie-robin and Seychelles Scops Owl from the category of highest threat. Various species are living in Seychelles without any threat and under complete security, as it is an eco-friendly holiday destination.

Well, all of us know that plants get their nutrients from soil, whereas animals eat plants and other animals for their survival. You would be astonished to know that on the hills of Mahe, a plant attracts, captures, kills and digests its food. It is known as the Pitcher plant. In Kreol, it is also called as Lyan potao.

Another popular and unusual endemic family of frogs is also found in Seychelles. this species of frog is known as Sooglossids. It mainly comprises of 2 genera, whereas you can see only 4 species of frogs on the granitic island of Seychelles. These species of frogs are very tiny and survive on mites, ants, mosquitoes etc. You can see these frogs on Mahe and Silhouette islands.

Sheath tailed bat is another interesting species to be found in the stunning Seychelles. The Sheath tailed bat Coleura seychellensis can be found only in Seychelles. this species is also listed under the IUCN as a Critically Endangered.

If you want to see world’s most endangered beetles then just come to Seychelles. The Giant Tenebrionoid Beetle or Polposipus herculeanus can be found only on the awesome Fregate Island. It also comes under the red list of IUCN as Critically Endangered.

It seems that Seychelles is a home for every kind of Species in the world. This very trait of Seychelles makes it outstanding and unique among other holiday destinations!


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