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Shopping in Mahe Island

So, finally you have arrived to one of the most picturesque destinations, Seychelles! Get ready to explore this magnificent untouched island comprises of stunning 115 islands. All these islands are so exotic and beautiful that they are delight to explore. Mahe Island is one of the largest and most populous islands. Moreover, the capital city Victoria is also positioned here.

Mahe Island is certainly a paradise for shoppers. Mahe offers a varied range of things to shop, such as from amazing artworks to the precious shark teeth. On the other hand, village markets are a pure delight to visit, as they have great many interesting things to offer. Being the capital city of Seychelles, Victoria is certainly a wonderful place to shop. In Victoria, you can buy from mouth watering eatables to some stylish clothing. Other key highlights of Victoria markets are coconuts and teas.

In Anse aux Pins, there is a magnificent Craft Village. Get some interesting souvenirs from here, such as coco de mer. It resembles to human female pelvis. While buying this, you must check the government certification. If you are looking for some finest quality ceramics then simply go for the Seypot Factory. Want to experience the actual magic of Seychelles? Enjoy shopping from some local shops. For instance, the local color of Seychelles can be experience on the roadside shops in villages. By shopping from these places, you will understand the real magic of Seychelles.

If you want to treasure shells and other interesting elements from sea then your hotel is surely one of the best places. Most of the hotels are operating souvenir shops and boutiques for visitors. You can also find some interesting items made up of coconut-head. Check out some beautifully decorated coconut heads using shells. It resembles to a person’s face. Isn’t it interesting?

Don’t forget to buy the irresistible fragrant spices from Victoria markets. If you are an art lover then check out some great works of paintings available in number of art galleries. Looking for some interesting local arts then go for the Camion Hall. On the other hand, beautiful baskets, hats are available in La Kaz. Another significant place to buy interesting souvenirs is the Antik Colony.

So, loosen your pocket, as the colorful shopper’s heaven of Mahe is waiting for you!

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