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Food in Seychelles

If you are genuine lover of food then Seychelles is surely the best place to eat! Seychellois offers fusion cuisine which is the real highlight while your visit to Seychelles. A few major highlights of Seychellois cuisine are Chinese stir-fries, grilled or steamed fish, coconut cream and the mind blowing cuisine of La Belle France which is made up of garlic, ginger and herbs.

If you are looking for the authentic Seychelles cuisine then simply catch the large, meaty and flavored fish from the Indian Ocean. It is the first love in Seychelles food joints. Enjoy the lip smacking red snapper known as bourzwa. When grilled with ginger and garlic, the tender chicken seems to be out of world. It is served with salad, rice and vegetables.

Another lip smacking cuisine of Seychelles is the Tuna and king fish steaks. They are grilled and fried in garlic butter. Enjoy this mouthwatering cuisine with Creole sauce. Shark is served as a chutney and flavored with onions, herbs and bilimbi fruit.
(bilimbi - They are called small cucumber in english) 

If you are looking for most popular delicacy then simply go for Octopus or zourit. Do not miss the lip smacking Tec tecs. It is basically a tiny white shellfish coked with pumpkin and finally served as a soup. One of the popular dish which is usually served as a starter is the Millionaire’s Salad. To make this recipe, a whole palm need to be cut down.

While your trip to Seychelles, do not miss the Birds’ eggs. Enjoy this great dish during laying season. It is basically hard boiled or omellate. For fruit lovers, check out the delicious jackfruit, avocados and papaya. You would be quite amused to know that varied ranges of banana are being grown here.

One of the most popular local fruit is the Jamalac. It is a soft skinned and cone shaped fruit and tastes like apple. People also make salad of pineapple and oranges. In the month of April and May, you can enjoy giant grapefruit. Another popular dessert of Seychelles is the ox hearts or custard apples.

Looking for something to drink then go dor Coco d’ Amour. It is available in bottle shape quite similar to coco de mer nut. It resembles the texture of Bailey Irish cream. If you want to know about the local beers then go for Eku and Seybrew.

Most of the Creole dishes are also made lip smacking with the usage of Toddy or kalou.  Both of them are made up of coconut sap. To know more about the local dishes and drinks, just pack your bags for Seychelles. Like the beauty of Seychelles, our cuisine is also beyond your imagination. So, relish your taste buds with our mouth watering delicacies!

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